Radio access for the "Four Hills Tournament"

1000x560 Oberstdorf Schanze

ORLEN Arena Oberstdorf/Allgäu equipped with best 5G!

In May 2023, ABEL Mobilfunk was commissioned by o2 Telefónica to install the latest mobile communications standard on the ski jump in Oberstdorf. We modernised the components and antenna systems at lofty heights directly on the ski jump tower under the track. This will ensure that the entire stadium is supplied with fast internet (5G) and an even better mobile phone network in the future. Our partner Telefónica has thus created the conditions for ensuring that the most modern communication network will be available to the organisers and fans for the upcoming major events. The system has also already passed its first practical test. The more than 25,000 spectators at the 72nd Four Hills Tournament at the end of December were able to access the 5G frequency.

We are proud that our expertise, our performance and our good service are being used in such prestigious locations and are helping sports fans all over the world to enjoy events such as the Four Hills Tournament.