Our comprehensive service portfolio - the one-stop shop

Project Management

We plan your project - carefully and conscientiously. Our experienced project managers know every pitfall and address customers' needs and regional specifics. They establish a realistic schedule and ensure a smooth execution of the process. Reliability and adhering to the delivery deadlines are our top priority.

  • Goal-oriented scheduling and resource planning for rollout monitoring
  • In-house developed, process-oriented database with parameterized structure used in our project management software
  • Conclusive reporting with reference to individually defined milestones
  • High quality documentation as a basis fo smoothly executed operations


Our experts will look for the best location for your site and take care of all formalities up to the contract signing.

Technical coordination

  • Planning site proposals according to project specifications
  • Coordination/alignment of shared sites
  • Technical and financial assessment
  • Support of radio transmission and network planning
  • Site documentation

Contract management

  • Clarification of property and ownership status
  • Contractual negotiations, contract acquisition / management
  • Development of customized solutions
  • Review and updating of existing leases (contract maintenance)
  • Conclusion of lease and licensing agreements
  • Agreements on acess ways and cabling

Authority management

  • Reviewing of building laws, determining liabilities
  • Obtaining land use and development plans
  • Preparing approvable solutions, composite photos
  • Mortgage agreements and building permits
  • Community consultation, participation in local council and informatory meetings
  • Surveyor's offices, building law and licensing authorities (incl. preparing and submitting building applications)
  • Applying for and obtaining permits such as historic preservation, nature conservation or listed buildings preservation permits

Radio planning

In order to ensure the best service results for your radio installation, we will be at your side from the moment the radio-technological basics are planned. We find the most efficient solution by using system parameters.

Plans for radio access in buildings and tunnels

  • Panorama metering
  • Distribution models and metering
  • Refractive Index Plan
  • Coverage metering with protocols, so-called 'walk tests'
  • Analyses and optimization

Microwave transmission planning

  • "Topographic measurement flights" for wide area planning ("PATH LOSS" software)
  • Tool-based route planning
  • Line of sight checks
  • Capacity planning
  • Feasibility analysis

Construction and implementation plan

We support your planning process for your radio access site - from inspecting the site to inventory planning after implementation.

  • Procurement of inventory plans, construction plans and statics
  • Conduct a site survey with all parties involved
  • Preparation of design plans to submit and be reviewed by the client
  • Preparation of construction plan documents for official approval including necessary expert reports (e.g. accompanying environmental impact assessment)
  • Preparation of implementation plans incl. statics (elevations, steel construction planning, parts lists)
  • Obtaining owners' plan approvals and integration of special customer and owner's requirements


Our qualified installation staff will construct your site on the basis of the implementation plan. Quality and safety are always paramount.Our experts install all relevant components and equipment and put them into operation. This essentially includes:

  • Steel construction
  • Electrotechnical equipment
  • Antenna equipment
  • IT-Equipment
  • Safety technology
  • Multiplexer
  • Link technology (glass fiber/microwave transmission)
  • Service room incl. air conditioning
  • Alarm systems
  • Lightning protection

The dialogue initiative "Deutschland spricht über 5G" (Germany talks about 5G) accompanied our two fitters Oliver Markowski and Thomas Kwiczalla with a film crew during the installation of a new 5G site as part of its series "Mensch & Maschine" (Man & Machine). In Mönchengladbach, an existing site was completely renovated and prepared for 5G. A process that requires perfect coordination and precise manual work.

Click here for the video.


After completing installation of your equipment we will take it into operation together with you. Our experienced technicians will clarify any questions that may arise and solve your problems in a goal-oriented manner - on site or at the backoffice.

  • Smooth transition into operation after completion
  • Integration of new network elements into existing net infrastructure
  • Coordination between field technicians and backoffice
  • Experienced field technicians with high competency in solving problems
  • Backoffice with high-level specialists and technical know-how

Maintenance, Service

When performing maintenance and servicing activities our service technicians apply their specialist knowledge at all times and without red tape. This allows us to guarantee high network availability and ensure the optimal operating state of your network components and systems.

  • We perform maintenance and service activities according to DIN 31051
  • We perform EMVU (electromagnetic radiation and health) measurements
  • Repair of electronic units
  • Repair and fault elimination of all network components (power supply, HF and LF components, antenna technology, base station, etc.) / first and second line maintenance
  • Spare parts handling
  • Maintenance and service for complete radio networks with the help of our 24 h on-call service hotline
  • Visual inspection and maintenance of metal structures and security systems
  • Fire and lightning protection
  • Design of radio system distribution plans


We take care of warehousing, organizing and inventorying of your materials (SOX compliance). In addition, we use our longstanding experience to optimize your own logistics processes to ensure that the material required for the implementation of your site is at the right place at the right time.

  • More than 10,000 m² warehouse space
  • Different, detachable warehouse sections
  • Internally developed warehouse software
  • Continuous reporting to customer on incoming and outgoing goods
  • Fulfillment of high security requirements
  • Professional waste disposal
  • Perfect alignment of planning and implementation services