Radio Access

ABEL has decades worth of experience in the construction of radio access networks, from planning to launching.

Beside the German mobile network operators T-Mobile, Vodafone and o2 Telefónica, our customers in the field of constructing radio access networks include infrastructure operators and radio access network suppliers. Our know-how and decades of experience in radio technology, electrical engineering and steel construction offers these customers the complete performance portfolio for the construction of radio access networks. We construct masts or radio access sites on roofs and provide the necessary connectivity.

Radio Access

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Solarzellen auf dem ABEL Gebäudedach

Antenna system on gable roof

Abel Gruppe Filmmaterial Mobilfunk Anlage Mitarbeiter

Mobile radio system on flat rooftop with multiple antenna poles

ABEL Richtfunkmasten zwischen Feldern aus Vogelperspektive

Lattice tower for mobile radio system

ABEL Antennenanlage an Hochspannungsmasten vor blauem Himmel

Antenna system on high voltage power mast

ABEL Antennenanlage an Windkraftanlage

Antenna system on wind turbine

Referenzanlage 4

Service room with Masterunit for transforming HF signals into optical signals


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Kait-Bo Bachmann

Director Business Development