Working with a view and excellent prospects

Radio Access

Sites for wireless communication

ABEL has decades worth of experience in constructing radio access networks and offers turnkey solutions from the planning to the launch.

Indoor Radio Transmission

Being reachable inside of buildings

ABEL plans and constructs indoor radio systems for radio access services and TETRA-BOS in buildings and tunnels.

Microwave Transmission

Connecting sites and enterprises

ABEL is your competent partner for the planning and construction of microwave transmission systems of all types.

Your partner in mobile networks & telecommunications

ABEL Mobilfunk is the market leader in mobile network construction in Germany. Our services are the foundation for the digital transformation and we enable 5G, the Internet of Things and autonomous driving.

For decades, we have been supporting our customers in the acquisition, planning, realization and commissioning of mobile network sites, thereby enhancing the quality of mobile networks.

As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, we have grown in a controlled and healthy manner. We recruit our qualified specialists from the region - and train junior staff in-house.

Shaping the future today.

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ABEL Mobilfunk offers turnkey solution throughout the construction of mobile networks – from network planning to the final integration.



We meet all customer requirements thanks to our flexible process adjustments, resource availability, and meaningful project reporting processes.



We define realistic project goals during open conversations with our customers. And don’t worry – we always deliver what we promise.



Our employees receive further education opportunities to ensure they remain at the top of their respective field. With a pioneering spirit, we are open to innovations.



Our work and safety measures are regularly evaluated by qualified third parties. We are also thankful to receive detailed feedback from our clients. 



Our services are the foundation for the digital transformation and we enable 5G, the Internet of Things and autonomous driving.


A job with the best prospects

Build mobile communications with us and apply now.



Competence and performance since 1912

For more than 100 years the name ABEL has stood for the highest quality. Founded in 1912 as an electrical installation enterprise, the company took up radio technology in the 1960s, laying the foundation for an expansion of its services in radio access in the 1990s. In 2002 the company entered into regenerative energies. Today, more than 700 internal and external staff members work at two sites of ABEL Gruppe's three companies: From Engelsberg and Wiesmühl in Bavaria to Rödermark in Hessen, we have easy access to our customers throughout the south and west of Germany.

Decades of experience and an intensive, ongoing training program for our staff guarantees continous innovation and the satisfaction of all of our customers' needs.


Your partner in renewable energies

ABEL ReTec is your partner for renewable energies. We set up different green energy systems, using biogas or photovoltaic panels, and partner them with highly efficient electricity storage systems. Our services extend far beyond technical planning and installation – we also lead project development, raw materials management, and operational management, for new and existing systems. As a regional service company, we provide turnkey solutions for private households, energy suppliers, energy investors in addition to agricultural, trade, industry, and trade businesses.

We only use premium-grade products from renowned manufacturers for our photovoltaic and state-of-the-art power storage systems. All of our employees share many years of experience in their field, so a proper installation is guaranteed. These factors ensure that your new green power supply will work efficiently – so you can achieve the maximum yield. S


Your partner in all fields of electrical engineering fields

ABEL has been a part of the electrical engineering industry for more than 100 years. Many things have changed since Dominikus Abel founded the company in 1912 – but one thing has remained the same: our commitment to provide all of our electrical engineering clients – both private and commercial – with quality advice and support.


ABEL Elektrotechnik provides a wide range of services in energy generation and supply. Our services include supplying 20kV transformer stations and laying down necessary groundwork cables to maintaining complex control systems for power generation products.

As a competent partner for commercial, industrial, and private customers, ABEL delivers a range of automation technology and switchgear construction services in addition to smart technologies.F


Your partner in mobile communications & telecommunications

ABEL Mobilfunk is a pioneer in the mobile communications and telecommunications industry. Over the years, we have become the market leader in mobile communications network construction across Germany. We have supported our clients throughout the acquisition and construction process for decades.


We take on complete project management including the acquisition, planning, implementation, and maintenance of mobile communication networks – making us one of the few German companies that implements turnkey solutions while assuming total responsibility for them.


Our service portfolio has been extended with our wide selection of products including containers / shelters, atenna masts, and steel mobile lattice towers.

Our work is the foundation of digital change in Germany which will make 5G, the internet of things, and autonomous driving a reality.