Microwave Transmission

ABEL is your competent partner for microwave transmission systems

A microwave transmission link provides wireless transmission of data between two fixed sites. Microwave links must be installed so as to have visual contact. They provide the possibility of wirelessly linking two geographically separate points. This not only saves implementation time but is also more financially appealing (viable) than running underground cabling. In addition to pure point-to-point connections there are also multipoint connections. For systems without visual contact there is the option of installing microwave links via relay systems. Beside the German mobile net operators, our microwave transmission customers also include hospitals, authorities, broadcasting stations, traders and industrial operations.


Close-Up of a ABEL Mobilfunk hybrid telecommunications mast with XPIC technology

Long distance radio transmission SDH

Transatlantic long distance transmission on shortwave

Kait-Bo Bachmann

Director Business Development